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QuickBooks - Desktop or Online.
You must decide. This workshop will help to explain the differences. Once you understand the differences, you can make a better decision about your choice. Along the way, learn to get around in the program. Learn how to get the information you need from QuickBooks and learn to enter day-to-day transactions. Discover ways to solve your specific problems when using QuickBooks. 

This one day workshop will help you get up-to-speed in no time! Most of us do not know all the cool stuff you can do using QuickBooks ...even if we have used it for years. You will gain tips & tricks that save time and powerful tools that will help your business make the right decisions.

Fri., July 12, 8:30 A.M. - 3:30 P.M.
(includes 30 min. lunch break)
Advanced Technology Center (ATC) 222
CRN: 95242 | Course: XBI 0467 | Fee: $99

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Quickbooks is an accounting software that aids in keeping financial statements in order.  It enables people to view and manage customers/vendors, chart of accounts, create invoices and statements, generate reports, reconcile accounts, receive payments, pay bills, write checks, online banking integration, track income and expenses via online and desktop.  This course will equip students with the best ways to get around and enter day-to-day transactions.  Text books are included and students should bring a USB drive to save classroom work.
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Lara Herter, Program Developer, Community & Education
T  850.873.3583