GCSC Student Workforce Development

GCSC Student Workforce Development

Corporate College, a department of Workforce Development, is committed to developing student success. We believe that students are the life-blood of the workforce in our community and we must offer all that we can to foster professional development during their educational journey.  On this page, you will find information about student projects, events, and opportunities to explore. 

Sub Club

sub club: innovate, fabricate, and pilot

The goal is to enter the 15th International Submarine Races (ISR) in June 2019. Apply your design, CAD, electronics, 3D printing, and other engineering and advanced manufacturing knowledge in this project-based experience. Students may also collaborate with high school team members to assist with designing, prototyping, and testing. This program is at no cost to GCSC students. The registration fee for other students (ages 13 and up) is $149.

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making the grade in the workplace

To ensure success in securing and excelling in a position students must develop their workplace competencies. Corporate College has an upcoming event to do just that. In collaboration with the GCSC Career Development team this one-day event will instill a deeper understanding of the overt and subtle nuances of professionalism in the workplace and develop skills that provide a competitive advantage among other candidates in the region. 

Stay tuned for our new conference date and registration details!


 Making the Grade in the workplace


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