Health Sciences Division

Health Sciences at Gulf Coast State College

The Health Sciences Division at Gulf Coast State College offers a variety of degree and certificate programs to help you secure a top job in the health care field. By choosing a health career, you’re already on your way to success!

Job Outlook for Health Careers

According to economic projections released in January 2018 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, health care occupations and industries will have the highest growth between 2016 and 2026, employing more people than the government or business sectors. Health care and technical occupations will be the fastest growing job sectors in the coming decade, accounting for one fifth of all new jobs created by 2026.

Health ScienceS Division Programs

Gulf Coast State College in Florida offers 11 degree programs and 7 workforce certificate programs through their Health Sciences Division that will prepare you for Florida’s in-demand healthcare jobs. 

Many of Gulf Coast State College’s health science programs lead to national certification, which ensures your ability to get a good job in your field after graduation.

Not sure if one of the health sciences programs is right for you? Visit the Gulf Coast State College programs page to learn about more than 150 programs and certificates available at Gulf Cost State College in Florida.

Build on Your Success

Don’t have the time or money to achieve your dream job right away? Don’t give up. Gulf Coast State College’s affordable health care programs are designed to help you succeed step-by-step.

For example: Start with the certificate program in practical nursing to get your first job, then work while you complete additional programs until you earn your BSN in nursing. You’ll make more and be eligible for promotion as you complete each program and save thousands on your education.

Health Sciences Division Program Coordinators

Health Sciences faculty and staff want you to succeed. Reach out to the program coordinator in your area with questions or concerns.

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Rebecca Acton
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Supporting Sonography, Radiography, PTA, and Surgical Services
HS 0319

Darby Brown
Administrative Specialist
HS 0205

Sheree Mebane
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Supporting Registered Nursing and
HS 0229

Ryan Walding
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Supporting CNA, LPN, and
Weekend LPN-to-RN
Building D 0101 @ G/F Campus
850-769-1551 ext. 5522


Amanda Walker
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Supporting Respiratory Therapy, Dental Assisting, and Dental Hygiene
HS 0102