Gulf Coast State College will host its Fourth Annual Ceramics Symposium. The topic this year is “Identity”.  The symposium will be held in Panama City, Florida, from April 13-14 at Amelia Tapper Center in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts. The artists/presenters are Wesley Harvey and Keith Smith. Each artist will present a lecture about their work along with a demonstration or workshop showcasing their creative method or latest project. This is a great opportunity for attendees to learn from professional artists.

Identity is the way we perceive and express ourselves. Factors and conditions that an individual is born with—such as ethnic heritage, gender, or one’s body—often play a role in defining one’s identity. However, many aspects of a person’s identity change throughout their life. People’s experiences can alter how they see themselves or are perceived by others. Conversely, their identities also influence the decisions they make: Individuals choose their friends, adopt certain fashions, and align themselves with political beliefs based on their identities. Many artists use their work to express, explore, and question ideas about identity.

The symposium will consist of interactive workshops, lectures, and demonstrations. Exhibition, “Identity”, featuring the work of Wesley Harvey and Keith Smith will be on display from March 26 through the end of the symposium.