Steps for Using Lighthouse

Steps for Using LIGHTHOUSE

Logging into LIGHTHOUSE

  1. Go to the Gulf Coast State College website,
  2. From any page click on the MyGCSC link at the top of the page.
  3. Enter your username, which will be your Student ID# (A00XXXXXX)
  4. Your INITIAL PASSWORD will be your date of birth in the format of MMDDYY. (NOTE: i.e. June 16, 1984 would be 061684)
    1. Once logged into myGCSC
      • Click continue
      • Select your security questions
    2. After setting up your security questions, you will first be prompted to enter your cell phone number, then prompted to enter an alternate email address. A one-time temporary password will be sent to verify information provided. Upon receipt of the one-time passwords, enter it and click <Continue>
  5. You will then be taken to the option screen where you login to Canvas, PaperCut, GCSC-Home or Lighthouse.
  6. Click on the Lighthouse link from the option screen.

To register for classes:

  1. Click on “Student”
  2. Click on “Registration”
  3. Choose Registration/Drop/Add
  4. Select Term
  5. Verify Major
  6. Click "Class Search" to find your classes.
  7. Select class and register

To check for Financial Aid information:

  1. Click on "Financial Aid" tab
  2. Select "Financial Aid Status" to view any unsatisfied requirements or academic requirements
  3. Once Financial Aid has been awarded, award information can be viewed.

To view student Records:

  1. Click on “Student”
  2. Click on “Students Records”
  3. Under this feature you can see if you have any holds, view your final grades, view your GPA and view an unofficial copy of your transcript.

To view your Holds:

  1. Click on “Student”
  2. Click on “Student Records”
  3. Click “View Holds”

To Reset PIN:

Click myGCSC and follow the instructions.