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Alysia Word


Term: Fall 2023
Location: NB - PS113

Class Schedule

Class CRN Days From To Location Date Span
EMS-133584324UF8:30AM5:00PM10/13/2023 - 10/15/2023
EMS-133584685FS8:30AM5:00PMNB-A10/13/2023 - 10/14/2023
EMS-133584981MF8:30AM5:00PM10/13/2023 - 10/16/2023
EMS-140184323T5:00PM9:00PMNB-A-012908/21/2023 - 12/15/2023
EMS-140184982W5:00PM9:00PMNB-A-013008/21/2023 - 12/15/2023
EMS-155585029T8:30AM5:00PMNB-EOC-010111/21/2023 - 11/21/2023
S8:30AM5:00PMNB-EOC-010111/18/2023 - 11/18/2023
EMS-243584329W8:30AM12:00PMNB-A-012812/06/2023 - 12/13/2023
W1:00PM4:00PMNB-A-012808/23/2023 - 10/25/2023
W1:00PM4:00PMNB-A-012811/08/2023 - 11/29/2023
W1:00PM4:00PMNB-A-012812/06/2023 - 12/13/2023
M2:30PM5:00PMNB-A-012810/30/2023 - 10/30/2023
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