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Security Incident Reporting

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Updated: 4/20/2020

Purpose:  Compromises in security can potentially occur at every level of computing from an individual's desktop computer to the largest and best-protected systems on campus. Incidents can be accidental incursions or deliberate attempts to break into systems and can be benign to malicious in purpose or consequence. Regardless, each incident requires careful response at a level commensurate with its potential impact to the security of individuals and the campus as a whole.

  1. An "IT security incident" is any accidental or malicious act with the potential to significantly imperil the functionality of the information technology infrastructure of the GCSC campus, provide for unauthorized access to college resources or information, allow college information technology resources to be used to launch attacks against the resources and information of other individuals or organizations.
  2. You should report:
    1. Strange Desktop Behavior
    2. E-mails with a suspicious attachment
    3. If you suspect that your computer has been broken into (hacked); for example, you notice strange files left on your desktop or in your working folders.
    4. Strange behaviors, such as the disk making a lot of movement sounds, the computer responding very slowly to your typing, or other unusual actions.
    5. Unexpected windows pop up on your screen.
    6. If your Web browser behaves strangely, such as not opening to the default home page or the one you have selected.
  3. Report IT related security incidents to the ITS Help Desk. IT support staff will help you assess the problem and determine how to proceed.
  4. If the IT Helpdesk is not available, individuals should complete the IT Security Incident Report form. The form will be reviewed by the Security Officer to determine what action is necessary.
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