Laptop Computer/Device Connection Information Sheet

Laptop Computer/Device Connection Information Sheet

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Updated: 4/10/2020

Laptop Computer/Device connections are on top of the smart station desk.

The room has a Control Panel and desk top plate with Laptop Computer/Device connections on the top left side of the desk:

  • Connect your device using an HDMI cord to the connection on top of the desk – choose HDMI on the Control Panel to send the image to the display device
  • Connect VGA with audio cable with Laptop and connection on top of desk – choose laptop on the Control Panel


  • An HDMI cable and a VGA with audio cable should be present in each smart station desk.


  • You may have to choose FN key and LCD key (at the same time) on        your laptop keyboard to send image to the display device.
  • You may need to restart your device to activate the output port that you are plugged into.

* If you need any further assistance please contact:

Technical Support Desk: 796-1551 ext. 3303