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How to Login to My Student Dashboard (Lighthouse) for Students

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Updated: 8/9/2021

Purpose: Lighthouse (Banner Self-Service) is a self-service site for students, faculty, and staff to manage their records and accounts. It is accessed through My Student Dashboard. These instructions explain how students should initially login to My Student Dashboard to access Lighthouse.

  1. Go to the Gulf Coast State College website,

  2. From any page click on the MyGCSC link at the top of the page.

  3. Enter your username, which will be your Student ID# (A00XXXXXX)

  4. Your INITIAL PASSWORD will be your date of birth in the format of MMDDYY. (NOTE: i.e. June 16, 1984 would be 061684)

    • Once logged into myGCSC it will ask for a phone number. Make sure to enter your number including the area code. This is where a One Time Passcode will be sent that has to be entered every time you log into your account. Click continue.

    • Enter the 6-digit code sent to the number entered in the page prior, then click continue.

    • Next you will be asked to fill in the security questions and answers. This can be skipped 3 times before the account will force these to be filled in.

  5. You will then be taken to the option screen where you login to Canvas, PaperCut, GCSC-Home or My Student Dashboard.

  6. Click on the My Student Dashboard link from the option screen