Solicitations and Awards


FY 2022-2023

Number: ITB #1-2022/2023


For copies of the ITB Document(s), drawing, and Addendum(s), visit  BidNet Site.

Number: ITB #2-2022/2023


For copies of the ITB Document(s), visit  BidNet Site.

Number RFP #3-2022/2023

Residential Construction mitigation program, mobile home tie-down project

For copies  of the RFP Document(s) and Addendum(s), visit BidNet Site.

Number ITB #4-2022/2023

Quantum Systems Trinity F90 + Mapping Drone

For copies of the ITB Document(s), drawing, and Addendum(s), visit  BidNet Site.

Number RFP #5-2022-2023

advertising & marketing services 

For copies of the ITB Document(s), drawing, and Addendum(s), visit  BidNet Site.

To view all active solicitations, please visit Gulf Coast State College's BidNet Site: BidNet's Florida Purchasing Group.

Gulf Coast State College officially advertises solicitation documents, addenda and communications through BidNet’s Florida Purchasing Group: BidNet's Florida Purchasing Group.  BidNet provides a way for local government agencies across Florida to more effectively notify suppliers of solicitation opportunities. 

Suppliers must register with BidNet to access and download Gulf Coast State College's solicitation documents.  Access to Gulf Coast State College’s BidNet site is free.  Please click on the link above to register for an account and to view active bids.

Bids/Proposals will only be accepted by hard copies to the College as outline in the solicitation.   Vendors are encouraged to review all terms and conditions contained within each solicitation packet thoroughly.

The current solicitations will be posted when released. There may be multiple documents/files attached per request which will contain the appropriate related bid number. It is the responsibility of each potential supplier to monitor the BidNet website regularly for opportunities and to review changes, addenda, and communications to solicitations.  Feel free to contact BidNet’s Vendor Support if you need assistance registering or using the Platform: (800) 835-4603.

Any Person, Vendor, or Firm interested in obtaining a copy of the solicitation should contact, Tonia E. Lawson via email

The GCSC Procurement Director will be the only point of contact for Request for Proposals, Invitation for Bids, Request for Information, and/or Invitations to Negotiate. Under no circumstances may a proposer/bidder contact any member of the District Board of Trustees, GCSC Administrators, or GCSC employees concerning solicitations until after award. Any such contact may result in disqualification.

All protests shall be filed in accordance with Section 120.57(3), Florida Statutes, and the GCSC procurement policies. Failure to file a protest within the time prescribed in Section 120.57(3), Florida Statutes, shall constitute a waiver of proceedings under Chapter 120, Florida Statutes. Protestors are required to post a bond equal to 5% of the accepted bid per Florida Statute 255.0516. GCSC will follow the statutory procedures for the resolution of protests arising from the contracting process. It's the sole responsibility of the protestor to know and follow all procedures according to Florida Statutes.