Order GCSC Transcript

three Options to Order a GCSC Transcript

 National Student ClearingHouse



The three ways you can send a transcript include:

  • eTranscripts — Electronically encrypted transcripts that arrive within 24 hours or less.
  • U.S. Postal Service mailed transcripts that are sent daily to instate or out-of- state schools during Business hours.
  • Transcript pick up with a notification via text or email  - your preference .

Transcript Fees:

  • Electronic - $8.00
  • Mailed USPS - $7.50
  • Pick Up - $7.50

Electronic eTranscripts are sent 24/7 from anywhere in the world to:

  • Student,
  • An employer,
  • Or the college/university of your choice.

Transcripts cannot be sent if:

  • Student attended prior to 1980.
  • There is a hold on the student's file.

This option offers one stop ease of use service for :

  • Ordering.
  • Paying.
  • Tracking.
Attachments can be uploaded with a Transcript Request.  
National Student Clearinghouse is recognized and accepted worldwide.  
Tracking is free and available 24/7 from a smart device or computer.  
If there is a hold, an immediate notification is sent to student via text or email.  


Florida Automated SYSTEM for transferring
educational Records


Data is transmitted between institutions in an electronic format that can easily be loaded into a school's Student Information System for fast access.

A paper form must be completed and faxed to Enrollment Services to be processed.

Delivery can take up to four business days.

In most cases, transcripts are at no cost. Transcript service is limited to Admission offices from a select list of Florida colleges/ universities specified on the printable order form.
  Tracking is not available.
  Transcripts are sent on business days only and cannot be sent when College is closed.
  No attachment uploads are available.
  Notification of transcript holds can take up to two Business days.

Transcripts cannot be sent if:

  • The College is closed for holidays, Spring or Winter Breaks or environmental reasons.
  • There is a hold on the student's file.
  • Student attended prior to 1980.

HB 171 Transcript Request

This form is for Active Duty Members, spouses or dependents, and Honorably Discharged Veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States.
Proof of this status must accompany this request.


Transcripts Prior to 1980

Please contact the Enrollment Services office to order a transcript prior to 1980 at
Include the name used when you attended, the approximate dates of attendance and the address,
a phone number and where you want the transcript mailed.