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Human Nature
  • Heather Clements - Native VI, 2014, graphite, pencil
  • Heather Clements - Identity, 2014, black and white charcoal
  • Heather Clements - Native III, 2014, black and white charcoal, colored pencil
  • Heather Clements - Merge, 2013, black and white charcoal, cut paper
  • Heather Clements - Native IV, 2014, black and white charcoal
  • Heather Clements - Veil, 2013, pencil, cut paper
  • Heather Clements - Obscured Origins IV, 2014, black and white charcoal
  • Heather Clements - Native, 2014, black and white charcoal
  • Heather Clements - Embrace, 2013, graphite, pencil, cut paper
  • Heather Clements - Rhapsody, 2012, cut paper

Human Nature

January 26 – February 19

Exhibition of drawings by Heather Clements. The work in the exhibit explores the relationship between people and nature, or rather the view that the separation between the two is an artificial construct.  In the words of the artist: “I visually explore the relationships between people and the natural world. This in itself is a paradox, because humans are not separate from nature, but a part of nature. I believe in order to have the motivation to innovate for a sustainable future, we not only need to understand the facts, but have a full perspective shift that embraces the awe-inspiring symbiosis we share with the rest of nature.”

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