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  • Andrew Willard - Skopelos Krater, 2011, terracotta, slip, glaze, 11x9x7
  • Grace Chartier - Artist's Journal, 2011, collage, marker, 8x10
  • Grace Chartier - Artist's Journal, 2011, color pencil, marker, 8x10
  • Grace Chartier - Artist's Journal, 2011, watercolor, marker, 8x10
  • Jennifer Hendrix - Jen's Road Map, 2011, burnished terracotta, string, stones, 2x5x5
  • Pavel Amromin - Untitled, 2011, terracotta, 32x15x15
  • Tammy Marinuzzi - Octopus Stamnos, 2011, terracotta, slip, terra sigillata, 15x11x11
  • Tina Rickards - Wash Basin for the Masses, 2011, video
  • Kristen Bachuss - Alabastrons, 2011, terracotta, slip, glaze, 7x10x4
  • Brian Van Zant - Untitled, 2011, terracotta, slip, glaze, 11x 8x 4
  • Jennifer Hendrix
  • Brian Van Zant
  • Brian Van Zant
  • Brian Van Zant

Made in Greece

September 9th – October 9th

Photography and ceramics by the students and faculty of  the inaugural Athens/Skopelos Study Abroad Program. The work in the show was  produced by GCSC’s Ceramics 1 students over a three-week period at The Skopelos  Foundation for the Arts, in Skopelos, Greece. The students created artworks in  response to the rich artistic and cultural traditions of the country, the island  of Skopelos and their personal experience as a traveler. The resulting work  offers a glimpse into the unique experience of each student. Featured artists  are Pavel Amromin, Kristen Bachuss, Grace Chartier, Jennifer Hendrix, Tammy  Marinuzzi, Tina Rickards, Brian Van Zant and Andrew Willard.

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