Federal Student Loans


The financial aid office has several individuals with student loan expertise available to answer your questions, comments, or concerns.  Furthermore, Rebecca Ramsey is our office's specialist / point-of-contact for loans.  We recommend that you speak to her and visit before borrowing a federal or private student loan.  Mrs. Ramsey can be contacted by visiting the financial aid office in-person, emailing, or calling (850) 873-3517.

In addition, GCSC has partnered with Student ConnectionsSM to help you understand your loan repayment commitments and address any issues you may encounter when the time comes to start paying back your loans.  You can learn more about Student ConnectionsSM by visiting their webpage.


Federal DIRECT Loans 

Federal Direct Loans are financial aid funds that students or parents can borrow to pay for educational expenses.  Federal Direct Loans have to be repaid with interest and require a FAFSA for the current academic year.  Please visit the U.S. Department of Education's (ED) webpage to view GCSC's Cohort Default Rate and to see how it compares to other institutions / the national average.  The percentage of students who borrow at GCSC can separately be found at ED's webpage.

Private / Alternative Loans

Private /alternative student loans are not funded or subsidized by the federal government; instead, they are funded by banks, credit unions, or other types of lenders. The bank or lender – not the federal government – sets interest rates, loan limits, terms, and conditions of private / alternative student loans.  Please visit for more information.

What are the differences between federal DIRECT and private / ALTERNATIVE loans?

Federal student loans are loans made or guaranteed by the Department of Education. Private / alternative loans are any other type of student loans.  While both federal student loans and private / alternative student loans allow you to borrow money to pay for education expenses, there are some distinct differences.  Please visit for more information.