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Prepare For a Meaningful Career Protecting Others and Safeguarding the Rights of Every Citizen.

Law and public safety professionals are the backbone of every society. They keep people safe. They ensure that the justice system is fair and precise. They are the first on the scene when disaster strikes.

Gulf Coast State College’s Public Safety degree pathway gives you the training and expertise to excel in a wide range of careers in public safety. You’ll master essential skills such as conflict resolution, decision-making, and specific operational and technical knowledge to help you develop into an inspirational leader in your field and stand out in various careers in public safety and law enforcement.

If you dream of a career in law and public safety serving others and you’re considering a degree or certificate in criminology, corrections emergency medical services, fire science technology, or law enforcement, there’s no better first step than joining the Public Safety degree pathway at GCSC.

As a student in the Public Safety degree pathway, you’ll not only enjoy a world-class education, but you’ll also be a member of a close-knit community of peers, faculty, and alumni who are committed to making positive impacts on their communities every day.

From offering one of the most respected law enforcement certificates in the region to being recognized as one of the most affordable colleges for criminology, there’s so much that sets Gulf Coast State College apart from other universities and colleges.


With so many great options for majors and programs of study, it can be challenging to find the one that’s right for you. That why we’ve designed our Public Safety degree pathway with personalized advising at every step of your GCSC journey. Tailor your education to your career goals and benefit from continued support once you’ve chosen your program.

To help you earn the degree in law and public safety that suits your aspirations, we provide you with a dedicated Public Safety degree Pathway Navigator. Your Pathway Navigator is here to help you as you become familiar with GCSC.

From the requirements of law enforcement certificates to the benefits of Law and Public Safety degree programs, the Pathway Navigator is experienced in law and public safety. They’ll introduce you to Public Safety majors, associate’s degrees, and certificates that can help you build a solid foundation to prepare for careers in public safety—or continue your education in law degree programs or colleges for criminology. They will also help you identify the highlights of each program and the career opportunities they can lead to.

Your Public Safety Pathway Navigator is:

Beth Wall

Associate Instructional Coordinator

Location: North Bay Campus -PSEOC Building 110

Current and Returning Students:

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**If there are no appointments available, please stop by the Navigation Center Student Union East Room 221.


Pathway Guide

How the Public Safety Degree Pathway Can Help You

Explore degree and certificates options in the Public Safety degree pathway.

After talking with your Pathway Navigator about your interests, academic and personal strengths, and career dreams, they will help you discover courses and programs that align with your goals. Learn about courses and programs in criminology and corrections, or explore the benefits of emergency medical services, fire sciences, or law enforcement certificates. A Pathway Navigator will always have your back as you prepare for diverse careers in public safety at GCSC.

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Decide your path—choose from criminology, corrections, fire science technology, emergency medical services, or law enforcement certificates and degrees.

Once you choose the pathway that’s right for you, you can then narrow your focus to further customize your educational experience for your career: Prepare for a bachelor’s degree with an associate’s degree in criminology, fire science technology, or emergency medical services. Or gain the skills and knowledge for multiple careers in public safety right away with one of our corrections or law enforcement certificates. Want to defend or prosecute citizens accused of committing a crime? Join one of the best colleges for criminology in the area and build a foundation for a bachelor’s degree. If you’re a correctional officer who would like to become a dual certified law enforcement officer, or you are considering becoming a peace officer, earning one of our corrections or law enforcement certificates can help you advance your career.

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Stay on track.

As you progress through the Public Safety degree pathway, you’ll have the dedicated support of a Pathway Navigator, student advisor, or career coach to help you succeed in your courses and program. As a student at one of the top colleges for criminology, law, and public safety in the region, you’ll have access to many helpful resources throughout your GCSC journey. Whether you’re looking for tutoring, financial aid information, or internship and job opportunities, we have everything you need.

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Professional preparation.

Graduating with a degree or certificate in law and public safety from GCSC is just the start of your rewarding academic and career adventure. Take the experience and skills you accrue here with you into programs at other institutions, the courtroom, or out in the community. Past graduates from the Public Safety degree pathway go on to prestigious universities to continue their education. They also find careers in law firms, correctional facilities, and organizations like the FBI and local police departments.

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Programs in the Public Safety pathway are supported by

Public Safety Programs, Certificates, and Degrees

The Public Safety degree pathway spans many exciting disciplines and industries—from emergency response to criminal analysis. The pathway includes an associate’s degree in criminology/criminal justice for students who want to join federal protection agencies or become lawyers and judges protecting citizens’ right to a fair trial. We take great pride in being one of the most affordable colleges for criminology in Florida. We also offer Associate of Science degrees in Fire Science Technology and Emergency Medical Services for those who wish to be the first to respond to emergencies in their communities.

Whether you’re a current correctional officer looking for dual certification or you’re just starting out on your peacekeeping path, we offer corrections and law enforcement certificates to prepare you for the daily challenges and rewards of becoming an officer of the law.

Pathway Degree Programs

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