Media Services

Media Services & A/V

GCSC Media Services supports a wide variety of technologies at GCSC.

  • DVD/CD-ROM Duplication
    Media Services can duplicate large quantities of DVD/CD's (provided of course that no copyright is violated). This inexpensive storage solution is great for GCSC - authored PowerPoint CD-ROMs’, in-house created instructional audio CDs, browser-based CDs, and more. Contact Media Services for the latest costs on DVD duplication and printing. Forget about paper labels and inserts where possible. Another piece of our equipment can actually print right on the Disc itself.
  • Equipment List for Checkout

    Any of the following equipment can be requested for use in a college activity by faculty and college personnel...

    • Digital Cameras
    • Video Cameras
    • Laptop Computers
    • Overhead Projectors
    • Slide Projectors
    • Video Data Projectors
    • Portable Screens
    • Sound Equipment
    • DVD Player
    • Color Television Monitor/Receivers
  • Broadcasting Services

    Media Services offers a variety of broadcast services and resources for our college and the surrounding community.

    • WHR-801 Television
    • Satellite Event Scheduling: Contact Continuing Education to request the scheduling of any satellite broadcast event you or your department have purchased the rights to, or free events you would like to see made available.
  • Video Conferencing

    Media Services is also your point of contact and support for Video Conferencing interactive broadcasts over GCSC's dedicated systems. Currently, GCSC maintains two classrooms equipped for such broadcasts at our Panama City, Gulf/Franklin Center, Tyndall Air Force Base locations and area High Schools. Please contact Media Services at ext. 6032 or 6021 if you have any questions about these rooms, or if we can be of assistance. Contact Kim Krutchek at ext: 6032 to schedule video conferencing classrooms.

    Video Conferencing Locations & Equipment

    Please contact extension 6032 or 6021 for questions regarding these services.

Instructions for Operating Smart Classrooms.